Wix launches Editor X, a new website design tool that hopes to ditch any need for CSS skills

The new large and flexible canvas enables the use of modern CSS technologies, including Flexbox and Grid, all with precise drag and drop, so you can control the exact position and style of design elements in each window and on each device.

But what’s especially cool about this exciting new Wix development is that you no longer need CSS skills and knowledge to design a website.

In an exclusive interview with Creative Boom, Mor Philosoph, Head of Editor X, said, “CSS is still around. But you rarely use it directly, that’s the beauty of it. The tool does everything to you, providing extremely advanced design and layout decisions without the CSS knowledge and details.”

Combined with the existing Wix professional suite of solutions and additional coding capabilities if desired, this latest offering enables the creation of powerful and complex websites at scale.

New features include “Grid Layouting”, a CSS Grid-based system, anchoring elements to a specific position when the viewpoint changes, and stacking and scaling media for seamless and responsive design.

There’s also “Text Scale”, for creating scalable font sizes, “Flex Layouter” – an intelligent Flexbox-based layout system for automatically reconfiguring content when resizing, and “Custom Breakpoints” for adapting designs to any window, not just classic devices.

There are templates you can use; if you want a quick fix. But overall, Wix designed Editor X for designers and developers looking to make the whole website design process less taxing.

As a software developer himself, Mor adds, “My least favorite job is getting another spec from a designer and changing the CSS. It’s not an exciting job for me or any developer. .

“I guess that was the most fun part of Editor X: we spent a lot of time building the infrastructure to end all of this. Now, if a designer wants to change colors, sizes, layouts on the page, whatever, he doesn’t have to call on me. They can do it themselves. And I can go on with more interesting things.

Is Wix worried about a backlash with Editor X, given that it removes a lot of work for developers? “Nobody wants to do a repetitive task — not a developer or a designer. Whatever we can do at Wix to make web design more accessible and empower creatives, works better for everyone,” Mor says.

“Wouldn’t you rather spend your time refining the design than managing the CSS? Whatever we can do to make your work faster and easier, it gives you more time to own it. You can put more of your vision and your mind into web design.”

You can catch its official New York launch earlier this month and see the product in action via the video below.

It sounds good ? Editor X is in beta phase. You can request beta access at www.wix.com/editorx.

Daniel L. Vasquez