WatchPilot announces the launch of its new e-commerce site – 365 RETAIL


WatchPilot’s online site was first launched in 2020. Since then, the team has continued and will continue to find the best ways to interact with their customers online, providing every site visitor with the experience of ultimate purchase.

The new website design provides a world-class digital shopping experience. Key areas upgraded by the new enhancements include improved UI speed and home page visual design, using the industry-leading Shopify Plus platform.

– Advertising –

Customers will be able to access dedicated brand pages while visiting the website, with Watch Pilot introducing these specific areas for partner brands to showcase their latest collections, generate brand-specific awareness and host brand-dedicated sales events. . With exclusive images of the new product; WatchPilot has created dedicated brand areas to showcase unique content, stories, photography and campaign videos that will further enhance customer introduction to new brand launches.

Tim Harrison, co-founder of Watch Pilot said: “We are all delighted with the launch of the new e-commerce siteproviding our customers with a greatly enhanced user experience with content-rich brand pages for customers looking for a better brand experience.’

Existing collection pages have also been completely redesigned, providing consumers with fast navigation and expanded technical filter settings; simultaneously allowing them to seamlessly browse and purchase specific products, designs or features. The new collection pages also clearly categorize designer watches and luxury watches. Comprehensive product specifications and detailed product descriptions will allow customers to delve deeper into the mechanics of each style of watch, with a new Q&A section introduced to encourage customers to enter questions and receive an instant response from the highly specialized Watch Pilot team. . A new product review section will invite customers to write honest reviews of their purchases and guide potential buyers when considering luxury and designer watches.

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Daniel L. Vasquez