Vicksburg Convention Center unveils new website for its 25th anniversary – The Vicksburg Post

The Vicksburg Convention Center (VCC) officially unveiled a new look for its website during Thursday’s Ritz on the River event.

The sleek new design was a collaborative project with Thomas Peters of VenuWorks Corporate and the VCC team.

“We felt that with the 25th anniversary, we should give the website a new look to go along with the new mat coming later this year,” said Erin Southard, VCC’s General Manager. “It has been an exciting time at the Convention Center celebrating 25 years with all of our activities, and now we will have a new look to kick off the next 25 years. We are so grateful to have a City Council and community that is so supportive of what we do and willing to help us take it to the next level for our customers.

In addition to the new look, current and potential customers will be able to use the brand new VenuPlan portal provided by VenuWorks.

This gives planners, brides, and corporate clients another option to request proposals. It’s more user-friendly and will help any new customer who wants more information from the team.

According to a VCC press release, “The VCC team is always working to make event planning easier for our clients. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to deliver top quality entertainment and events to the community.

For more information, please contact Erin Southard ([email protected]) at 601-630-2929.

Daniel L. Vasquez