Toledo Website Design forms partnership to expand services

Grow With Meerkat offers an expanded service through its partnership between Stephanie Solheim and Alex Brinkman of Green Tree Media. The Shared Teams marketing initiative will focus on expanding outside of Northwest Ohio.

Grow With Meerkat and Stephanie Solheim are pleased to announce that the Toledo web design company has teamed up with Alex Brinkman of Green Tree Media. The shared team initiative is formed to expand outside of northwest Ohio. The agency focuses on helping small and medium-sized local service owners and businesses. The Teamlancing approach or shared teams makes it easy and inexpensive to outsource marketing that adapts to the client’s business needs. The Shared Teams aspect like SharedTeams and ClearVoice makes businesses flexible and scalable.

Previously, the company was known as Toledo Web Designers & Digital Marketing. Stephanie Solheim spoke about the change in operations: “We are thrilled to have helped one of our local businesses in Toledo, Ohio increase revenue by over $1.3 million in 2021. Toledo Marketing Agency the team is friendly, relaxed and friendly. Customer testimonials attest to the responsiveness of the company.

The portfolio of offerings available from the agency includes website design, custom plug-in development, social media management, development, search engine optimization and graphic design for small and medium businesses. medium enterprises. The network of award-winning freelancers can leverage their network to achieve their online goals faster. The shared approach allows clients to achieve more goals in less time.

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The partnership or team approach gets more work done through specific skills and experience for various marketing tasks. The team approach also enhances opportunities for creative collaboration. The strengths of each team member are used to benefit the client’s business. Each plan is tailored to the client’s needs. As the client’s business grows, the needs of marketing strategies may change. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach as needs change. Additional steps and strategies can be implemented.

About the company:

Growing up with the meerkat is the name given to the partnership between two experts in the field of marketing. The partnership has been effective for a number of companies. Clients are small to medium sized businesses in Northwest Ohio and beyond.

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