TikTok hack proves we misused Zara’s website

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found Zara’s site really bad.

Yes, that sounds like a cool op-ed in a high-end magazine, but when it comes to using it to browse, research something, or try to figure out what things would be like for a normal person not posing as if she was in a series in Vogue, well, they failed, IMHO.

And I’m not the only one to think this – asking around so many of my friends have admitted they feel the same, Zara’s website is hard to navigate, has a weird layout and is just pretty much everywhere.

Well – guys – it might not be Zara’s fault, actually.

According to a smart TikTok-er (seriously… what did we do before TikTok…?), we just used Zara’s website totally wrong.

@livbedz Am I the only one who doesn’t know?‍??‍? #zara #zarahaul #shopping online ♬ original sound – ??‍♀️

ICT Tac User @livbedz recently used the video-sharing app to show us all how to actually use Zara’s website – and honestly, I’m feeling a little stupid right now.

If you take a look on the Zara website, you will see that next to the search bar there is a function called “view”.

Click here, and voilà – all the images on the site, instead of being jumbled up and appearing one by one and having you scrolling endlessly to browse through each section, are now much clearer and better organized.

Disturbs. Soufflé.

Daniel L. Vasquez