THR nominated for 39 SoCal Journalism Awards, including Best Website – The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter was nominated for 39 awards at the 64th SoCal Journalism Awards, including Best Website and three Journalist of the Year nominations.

Seth Abramovich, Scott Feinberg and Rebecca Keegan were all nominated for Journalist of the Year in the print (over 50,000 prints), online and entertainment categories, respectively.

Additionally, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is up for Best Columnist, while Daniel Fienberg and Angie Han were nominated for Best Television Critic, Sheri Linden for Best Film Critic, and David Rooney for Best Theater Critic/ scenic arts.

Thermal vision and THR, ESQ. are nominated for best blog by a group.

The SoCal Journalism Awards Gala will be held June 25 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel.

A complete list of THR nominations follow. See the full list of names here.


PRINT, more than 50,000 prints
—Seth Abramovich

—Scott Feinberg

—Rebecca Kegan

ALL MEDIA PLATFORMS – Print, radio, podcast, TV or online.

– Beatrice Verhoeven, “Will the Academy Maintain the Momentum for Female Directors?”

—Daniel Fienberg
—Angie Han

—Sheri Linden

—David Rooney

PRINT/ONLINE – ANY POINT OF SALE, including news agencies and correspondents.

– Daniel Fienberg, “Critics Appreciation: Betty White was as important as she was loved”

GENDER AND SOCIETY (includes LGBTQ relationships)
— Tyler Coates, “Welcome to Chechnya”, director of Doc’s Impact”

ART/PHOTOGRAPHY, All platforms

PORTRAIT PHOTO – Entertainment
— Ash Barhamand, Jenny Sargent, Kayla Landrum and Lia Clay Miller, “Billy Porter: This Is What Being HIV-Positive Looks Like Now”

ENTERTAINMENT PICTURE – A single entertainment picture.
— Ash Barhamand, Kayla Landrum, AB+DM Studio, Ahmad Barber and Donte Maurice, “House of Gaga”

PHOTO FILE (single subject) Culture/Entertainment – ​​At least two images published on the same day, or in series
– Ash Barhamand, Kayla Landrum and Dyan Jong, “The Resurrection of Kelly Marie Tran”

– Peter Cury, Kelsey Stefanson and Eric Heintz, “Everyone Just Knows He’s an Absolute Freak: Scott Rudin’s Ex-Employees Talk Abusive Behavior”

PAGE DESIGN – Demonstrating exceptional art direction and layout, graphics.
— Peter Cury, Kelsey Stefanson and Heather Hazzan, “Martinis and Red Meat with Kieran Culkin: The ‘Succession’ Star of Childhood, Co-Stars and Fame”
– Peter Cury, Kelsey Stefanson and David Needleman, “Riz Ahmed Makes Some Noise”


– Gary Baum, Rebecca Sun and Katie Kilkenny, “The Loss of Hollywood’s Favorite Pole Dancing Studio”

BUSINESS – An article or a series
– Gary Baum and Alex Ritman, “From Hollywood’s Opioid Crisis: Purdue Pharma Heir Undergoes an ‘Identity Overhaul'”

MAGAZINES, including magazines with LA offices

INVESTIGATION – Report by an individual or team.
– Gary Baum, “Drugs, Death, and Denial in a Wealthy Rehab”
– Kim Masters, “Saving Joel Silver: The twisted saga that entangled Ari Emanuel, Ron Meyer, Anthony Pellicano and even Mohammed bin Salman”
– Tatiana Siegel, “‘Everyone Just Knows He’s An Absolute Freak’: Scott Rudin’s Ex-Employees Speak Out About Abusive Behavior”

COLUMNIST – One person’s point of view on any topic.
— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

FEATURE Culture/Arts, over 1,000 words
– Seth Abramovich, “Why Brett Butler is Broke”

FEATURE, less than 1000 words – Any feature.
– Mia Galuppo and Kim Masters, “Behind Warner Bros.” Olive Branch to Top Talent »

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – Coverage of any entertainment topic by one person or team.
— Katie Kilkenny, “Why Hollywood Guilds Didn’t Cut Ties With A Police Union”

ENTERTAINMENT FEATURE – Coverage of any entertainment topic by one person or team.
– Seth Abramovich, “In Search of Shelley Duvall”

PERSONALITY PROFILE, Movie and TV personalities
— Rebecca Keegan, “Lady Gaga on Mining Personal Pain for ‘House of Gucci'”
— Rebecca Sun, “The Resurrection of Kelly Marie Tran”

AUDIO JOURNALISM, radio show, podcast or stream produced in Southern California.

ANCHOR/HOST – Any anchor or host, alone or in a team.
– Scott Feinberg, “Awards Discussion”

ENTERTAINMENT REPORTS – Coverage or commentary on any entertainment topic
– Scott Feinberg, “‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast: ‘Sopranos’ Creator David Chase Finally Reveals What Happened to Tony”
— Rebecca Sun, “(Not) Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting”

ONLINE, originally published on the Internet.

HARD NEWS – One day coverage of a hard story.
– Carolyn Giardina and Katie Kilkenny, “‘Emotions Run High’: IATSE Members Wait for Studio Deal Fine Print to Avoid Strike”

—Abbey White, “Broadway’s Return Triumphant, But Uncertainty Looms: ‘Humans Must Be As Important As The Show'”

NEWS ARTICLE, Film/Broadcast
— Alex Ritman, “Cannes-winning Afghan director trying to escape Kabul: ‘If I survive this, I’ll make movies about what happened'”

PERSONALITY PROFILE, Movie and TV personalities
– Aaron Couch, “The Ultimate Spider-Man Collection Will Be Sold Under Heartbreaking Circumstances”

BLOG, GROUP – Best collective or institutional blog, any day
—Aaron Couch and Borys Kit, “Heat Vision”
– Ashley Cullins, “THR, ESQ.”

WEBSITE, TRADITIONAL NEWS ORGANIZATION – Website of a print or broadcast medium.
The Hollywood Reporter Staff, The Hollywood Reporter


BETTER USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TO ENHANCE and/or COVER A STORY By Group – Maximum two-day coverage of an individual story.
— Ryan Fish and Christy Piña, “Social Media Coverage of the Death and Legacy of Betty White”

Daniel L. Vasquez