The OnePlus Nord Watch appears on the OnePlus website. When will it be presented?

OnePlus continues to expand its product line to offer all kinds of gadgets and wearables, in addition to its famous mobile phone division. We’ve been hearing rumors for some time about a oneplus north watch, and it looks like OnePlus’ next smartwatch is just around the corner.

The Asian manufacturer’s OnePlus Nord family of phones have become the company’s new hit, thanks to excellent value for money, as was the case with its first OnePlus generations. And it looks like the company is going to get the most out of its new brand.

Now, we can confirm the existence of this OnePlus Nord Watch, which could also be presented very soon. More than anything, because the famous leaker Mukul Sharma found the name of the device on the official OnePlus website.

The OnePlus Nord Watch would be presented very soon

So yes, the OnePlus Nord Watch is also coming 🔥. I spotted the nickname on the official website (India). Feel free to retweet.#OnePlus #OnePlusNordWatch

As you can see from the Twitter message posted by Mukul Sharma, The OnePlus website already has a section for the OnePlus Nord Watch. And that means its official launch is imminent.

Rumors point to the Shenzhen-based manufacturer will showcase this OnePlus Nord Watch smartwatch alongside the OnePlus Nord 3 phone. We know that the manufacturer has planned an event on April 28, but it will surely be a question of presenting its Nord Buds headphones, in addition to the new OnePlus 10R 5G and OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G.

Regarding possible features of the next smartwatch from OnePlus For now, it’s a complete mystery. The company has been very successful in hiding the watch, so we don’t know its design or any technical features it might include.

Yes, the possible price has been disclosed, which it would be around 70 to 110 dollars we are therefore surely faced with a simpler model than the OnePlus Watch, whose price reached 160 dollars when it was presented.

Now the only thing we canLet’s wait for OnePlus to officially announce the launch of this new smartwatch that it still has a long way to go if it is to become an option worth considering.

The wearable market has grown exponentially, partly thanks to the improvement in terms of autonomy, the big Achilles heel of this type of device. And the truth is that the first OnePlus Watch left the critics cold because it lacked many elements to polish, like its too basic operating system. We will see how they go about making the OnePlus Nord Watch one of the benchmarks on the market, because the wearables sector is clearly booming and OnePlus does not want to do without its share of the cake.

Daniel L. Vasquez