The Gloucester Advocate moves to new website and introduces subscription package | Gloucester Solicitor

The Gloucester Solicitor is moving to a new website and introducing subscription packages for online readers which will include unlimited access to award-winning journalism from the North Coast region’s No.1 news source, the Newcastle Herald.

Visitors from will be invited to register and subscribe from Tuesday, May 10, when package details will be released.

Since that day, as Gloucester Solicitor subscriber, you will be able to receive your favorite Gloucester news, sports and community information straight to your inbox with our new news alerts and regular newsletters, plus round-the-clock access to

Your Gloucester Advocate subscription also unlocks all breakups Hunter-North Shore news, sports, opinion, gastronomy, culture and lifestyle content produced by Newcastle Herald and other ACM publisher mastheads in the region, such as Manning River Times, Great Lakes Advocate and Port Macquarie Newsas well as breaking news, sport, travel and more in Australia and around the world.

Subscription packages include access to the digital replica of the weekly Gloucester Advocate and the daily edition of the Newcastle Heraldallowing users to browse each page of the newspaper and view articles as they appear in print.

Subscribers also get daily access to interactive puzzles, including crosswords, Sudoku, and the trivia game.

Our new website will be faster to load and easier to read on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, ensuring that your favorite local news, sports, community information and opinions are optimized for viewing on any device and allowing you to follow Gloucester news on the go, wherever you are.

The new site design launched on on Tuesday draws heavily on feedback from hundreds of online users, with a sleek, clean look and streamlined new features designed to make it easier to find the latest news and enjoy and share. your favorite reading. .

Editor Toni Bell said the Gloucester Advocate is adapting to changes in the way people consume news and information.

“Our audiences are increasingly following the news on their phones or tablets, so we need to make sure we can continue to deliver the coverage our community expects and deserves,” she said.

“The challenges of the past two years have shown how important local and regional news coverage is to our community. By offering subscribers access to The Newcastle Herald, we are giving our loyal readers the best possible value, with news local and best on the north coast.regional coverage.

“Our new subscription packages will allow readers to choose how they want to support us in continuing to provide community-serving journalism and information.”

The Gloucester Solicitor and the Newcastle Herald are part of ACM, Australia’s largest independent media company.

ACM’s network of 140 news websites and newspapers spans every state and territory, reaching 6.4 million regional, rural and suburban Australians per month.

Daniel L. Vasquez