The city rebrands itself with a new website | Opinion

If you use our online services, you may have noticed some changes over the past few weeks. I am delighted to share that we have officially launched a new website, claremore.comwith a new brand image for the city.

The city began its rebranding efforts in March 2022 through a series of discussions with city and business leaders, Claremore employees and partner organizations. From world-class cycling routes to a thriving business community and tourist destinations, the new brand captures and highlights the many aspects that make Claremore unique.

Claremore’s new website showcases the new brand and improves the user experience for citizens, while making it easier for city employees to share news and updates. Each department worked with IT staff and the web development team to create important content and functionality for their areas to better serve citizens.

Visually and functionally, the new site is a significant upgrade, offering a shared calendar of events with Visit Claremore, quick links to highly accessible content, online payment options throughout, an updated career services portal update, a new calendar portal and an alert bar to notify businesses and residents of important updates.

You can also see the town’s new branding reflected in the Claremore app. As a reminder, you can download the City’s official phone app by searching for “Claremore” in the App Store. All major features available through the web platform, such as news, bill payment and event listings, are accessible on your mobile device. The app is one of our main communication tools to send alerts and notifications about special infrastructure projects.

Various departments and agencies played a role in rebranding and redesigning the City’s website. Many thanks to our City Innovation and Technology team, led by Tim White, and our external partners for their work on this major project.

The launch of this new chapter not only means a new look for Claremore, but also marks an important step in ensuring that everything we create aligns with our values ​​as a city.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to visit We are proud of our final product and excited to share it with you.

Enjoy your weekend, Claremore!

All my best,

John Feary

city ​​manager

Daniel L. Vasquez