State Institutions Switch to New Website Design | News

Government office symbolism adviser Gert Uiboaed told the ERR on Wednesday that the office began preparing for the transition to the new designs three years ago.

14 state authorities switched to the redesign of the website on Wednesday, with the Tax and Customs Board the latest to make the switch. The aim of the tender announced in 2019 was to find a suitable design partner for the visual upgrade of the government portal. The partner was also responsible for updating the existing design and creating new designs based on new models.

The tender was taken by Velvet DP, which launched a project called Valitsusportaal 2.0 for € 41,520. As a result of the project, the government portal received a new visual solution, front-end code and a stylebook. Uiboaed said that the goal of the tender winner is not to transition the websites to the new platform, but only to design it.

The purpose of the government portal is to provide a clear overview of the actions and objectives of the government and its institutions. For this reason, the websites of government, ministries, government office and other state authorities will be added in a virtual environment.

The portal also comes with a stylebook, which describes the type of images that authorities can use on their website. For example, a recommendation was made that there be people on the images used and that the visuals be upbeat, genuine and uncomfortable.

“We have set a target for all ministries and most other government institutions to implement the government portal based website,” Uiboaed said. “As of the date of preliminary information, 20 authorities will implement the updated government portal platform during this year. “

Uiboaed added that each state institution will choose the transition period and that may not happen this year for all authorities.

The updated government portal achieved its assigned goals, Uiboaed said. Information is easier to find, the visual solution is modern, and the website can be used on all devices. “The new website management solution is significantly simpler than the previous one and avoids questions from content editors,” he noted.

On Wednesday, the websites of the Government, Government Office, Education and Youth Council, Environment Council, Environment Agency, Land Council, Council of Agriculture and Food, Transport Administration, Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority, Financial Intelligence Unit, State Shared Service Center, Department of environment of the Tax and Customs Board and the Ministry of Culture have made the transition.

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Daniel L. Vasquez