Official Launch of New Version of Macau Cultural Heritage Website

MACAO, September 13 – In order to adapt to the public’s Internet usage habits and provide more diverse and updated services to the public, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has updated and optimized the cultural heritage website of Macao, enriching the content of cultural heritage information on the website and improving visitors’ browsing experience and the respective functions of the website. The new version of the website will be officially launched on September 16 and everyone is welcome to visit it. The old version of the Macao cultural heritage website will be suspended for maintenance and updating, between September 14 and 15.

The interface design has been optimized and multiple functions have been added to the new version of the website, including restructured layout, improved accessibility design, shortcuts for frequently used services, more accessible positioning of information on cultural heritage sites and easier global navigation. In addition, the existing functions of “Guided Tour Service”, “Information on the Status of Comments Issued by the Cultural Affairs Bureau” and “Information to the Public on Macau’s Cultural Heritage” have also been improved. Users can also connect to their “Macao One Account” to request pre-emptive rights or precautionary measures on listed real estate online and directly monitor the progress of their requests. For more information, go to

Daniel L. Vasquez