NyX LTD, releases the company’s website ahead of its NyXExchange platform going live in the second quarter of 2022.

Vilnius, Lithuania – March 15, 2022 – NYX, LTD Launches New Corporate Site Today https://www.nyxexc.comwhile promising breakthrough cryptocurrency technology for the upcoming launch of their NyXExchange.

Investors today are looking for the most efficient approach to investing in this rapidly growing and ever-changing financial sector, which is why cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more prevalent around the world. Existing crypto trading platforms are competent, with a wide range of market research and trading resources. Still, they suffer from centralized controls and a lack of features. Whether centralized or decentralized, most platforms consistently fail to provide sufficient security to their customers. Cryptocurrency investors have been looking for an all-in-one global, robust and secure platform. This whole solution will soon become a reality.

the by NyXExchange (“NyX”) in the second quarter of 2022 will allow investors to access all of the benefits of cryptocurrency in an easy-to-use interface. NyXExchange will allow customers to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies and its major asset-backed coins. NyX was designed specifically for individuals and businesses. It features an intuitive user interface, comprehensive functions and unparalleled security. The NyXExchange is open to everyone on the planet, thanks to its simple design and exceptional service. Thanks to devices typically kept behind high paywalls on other exchanges, investors on the NyX platform can now use premium charting tools without restrictions. Investors can view every trade in their trading history with a series of lines directly on the chart – displaying the date and time, value invested and current value of each transfer. With the advent of NyX, investors can now easily search, track and trade any digital currency.

The new user interface will also feature Smart Swap, a cutting-edge technology that helps investors minimize transaction gas costs taken by the blockchain. Honeypot scams are made difficult with the help of Smart Swap, which bypasses all potential transaction controls set by malicious developers and effectively makes honeypot schemes impossible. The next-gen technology can be fully taken by investors using the premium charting software directly on the NyX user interface, ensuring investors are protected and providing a user experience far superior to any other cryptocurrency exchange.

A global network for the exchange uses more than a dozen high-end servers, ensuring round-the-clock availability and resilience to failures… In addition, the entire exchange will be audited and certified by a well-known information technology security to ensure that cybersecurity concerns are fully addressed. Investors can rest assured that their transactions and crypto wallets are secure, thanks to the incorporation of rigorous penetration testing and the creation of unparalleled redundancy by NyXExchange, which will continue to perform thorough penetration testing and is built with a colossal redundancy.

The new NyX user interface has integrated the full technology portfolio available through the NyX ecosystem, revolutionizing the way we interact with crypto in the future. Investors were looking for a platform with full services, and NyXExchange wants to revolutionize the industry with its concept.

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