New Elementor Cloud Website Tool Helps Web Creators Build WordPress Websites Faster

Creating a WordPress website requires the technicality of finding a reliable web hosting provider, choosing a compatible domain name, and choosing a powerful website builder.

There’s a steep learning curve for beginners and a tedious workflow even for veterans. Beyond the simple technical challenge of getting started with a WordPress site, there are a number of financial factors that add a layer to this already complex process.

Elementor Cloud Website was launched specifically to streamline this complex process.

With Elementor Cloud website, web creators can use the all-in-one website builder tool to create websites faster and more efficiently using a single end-to-end solution that includes a no-code builder, first-class hosting, and the ability to connect domain names at no additional cost.

Elementor Cloud Website Features

Elementor now offers an all-in-one website builder kit (Image credit: Elementor)

Building something online isn’t that different from the real world – to get started you need land, an address, and finally a house. Similarly, the virtual world requires a hosting provider, a domain name, and a website. Each of these pieces can be purchased individually or collectively.

Website Building Challenges

1. Choose a WordPress Hosting Plan can be even more difficult to manage with hidden costs, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) requirements (essential when transacting online), storage limits and other limitations. Not to mention choosing between managed hosting, shared hosting, and cloud hosting.

2. Register a domain name is one of the hidden costs of building websites. The cost fluctuates depending on the potential popularity of the domain name. This is an essential part of any website setup because a name can affect branding, SEO, and how easily people can search and find you. It is important to note that some hosts even charge an additional fee for connecting a custom domain name.

3. Find the best platform to build your website is the most important factor once visitors land on your website. There are many web building platforms available, the majority of them running on their own closed CMS system. A closed CMS system often ties people to a single product with price increases accelerating each year. Leaving these systems usually means starting from scratch. In addition, a closed system makes it almost impossible to find improvements from third parties.

Web creators demand an open source ecosystem, with a secure and high-performance hosting service, where they can create websites freely. The Elementor Cloud website is exactly that. With secure built-in hosting, Elementor Cloud website allows web creators to focus on what matters – creating your perfect website.

An Elementor Cloud website is 100% WordPress. You get seamless hosting, pre-installed WordPress, a world-class secure platform and all the storage you need, plus the choice to connect it to any external domain at no extra cost.

With Elementor Cloud Website, no additional installation is required. You also have full ownership of your content. There are no hidden charges as the subscription is a fixed price billed annually, making Elementor Cloud website an all-in-one solution for your web building needs.

Elementor Cloud Website as a Solution

Elementor Cloud website is for web creators who want to focus only on building a good website. An all-in-one solution, the features built into the Elementor Cloud website relieve web creators of the need to search for third-party core WordPress services.

It is a cost-effective choice for anyone building websites for clients by reorganizing and facilitating the transfer process.

Web creators can start immediately with an Elementor Cloud website as it comes pre-installed with WordPress CMS, Elementor Pro features and Hello theme. With the technical logistics covered by Elementor, web creators can simply add their personal touch and get started when they’re ready.

This allows you to take control of your online presence with the ability to connect your own domain at no additional cost, as well as the ability to easily export your website if you ever decide to switch services.

Elementor Cloud websites have the highest security requirements and certifications available (SSL certification by DigiCert). You also have the option to import your own if you wish. Every Elementor Cloud website is automatically backed up every 24 hours. Moreover, Elementor gives a unique code which can be used to access your website while it is updating.

What is included in the subscription?

All features currently available in Elementor Pro plugin such as its 100+ widgets, kits and templates are included in Elementor Cloud website subscription. Plus, you’ll get round-the-clock support for everything in one place, from publisher issues to technical hosting details. This means that you will only have to make a phone call to find solutions.

The fact that the Elementor Cloud website comes with built-in Google Cloud Platform hosting means that you get the same premium service that Google uses. Additionally, using CDN by Cloudflare’s global network of secure servers means that website visitors are automatically sent to the server closest to them, providing the best possible experience.

An Elementor Cloud website can be created and published for $99 per year. Since Elementor Cloud website is hosted using Google Cloud Platform, it comes with its best features. It also includes built-in free SSL from DigiCert and offers a generous 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB of storage, and 100GB of bandwidth.

Build WordPress websites even faster

With Elementor Cloud Website, Web Creator jobs will be streamlined, cost effective, and more enjoyable as it will negate (or at least alleviate) much of the bureaucratic and technical hassle that comes with building WordPress websites.

Packed with all the power of Elementor Pro features, it provides web creators with a visual and intuitive website building experience backed by 100+ powerful widgets. The accompanying cloud-based web hosting service will meet the needs of virtually any customer as it runs on the universal Google Cloud Platform, including CDN by CloudFlare, which means it automatically optimizes the experience of each visitor.

Providing DigiCert’s built-in SSL, automatic and manual backup, plus the ability to connect to a custom domain at no additional cost, means it’s now the most comprehensive web-building platform on WordPress, without any.

Elementor Cloud Website is set to revolutionize the way WordPress website projects are organized. By streamlining their workflow, removing technical hurdles to setup, and simplifying handover to customers, Elementor now gives web creators a solution that allows them to focus on what they do best: building websites. and design the future.

Elementor Cloud Website FAQ

Who is Elementor Cloud Websites for?

Elementor Cloud Websites are perfect for web designers who want to focus on building a professional website without the headaches of connecting each of its major components.

This all-in-one solution is incredibly cost effective and provides everything you need in one place. It’s also a great choice for anyone building websites for clients, as it makes the transfer process easy and simple to maintain.

What is the difference between Elementor Cloud website and Elementor plugin?

There are two distinct approaches to building a website with Elementor.

1. Elementor Plugin: To enjoy all the features of Elementor Pro, you can download and install Elementor plugin. You will also need to purchase hosting with a WordPress installation separately.

2. Elementor Cloud Website: This is a new way to build a website with an end-to-end solution that includes all the benefits of Elementor Pro plus WordPress hosting and installation. Quick setup is a simpler experience that saves you time when building a stunning website.

Where can I manage everything related to my website on Elementor?

Everything can be managed from the My Elementor dashboard. You can access your WordPress dashboard from there, as well as connect a custom domain, configure your primary domain, enable and disable site locking, manage backups, restore the website if needed, and perform various other useful tasks .

Where are Elementor Cloud websites hosted?

Your website is fully hosted on Elementor servers in Belgium. We take care of all the heavy lifting around server maintenance so you can focus on building your website.

CDN is a service we provide to ensure your website is available and performing at its best. As a result, we provide you with a geographically dispersed network of servers and data centers. Material is served from a CDN rather than the origin server, and if one location becomes unavailable, content is served from another.

Applications can sustain increased levels of traffic when content is dispersed across multiple sites around the world. Website owners should be aware that different countries may have different information security standards and server location legislation.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no additional charges. The subscription is a one-time fee that is billed annually and covers all of the above services.

Daniel L. Vasquez