Moon & Owl Marketing Launches New LASIK Customer Website

Fort Worth, TX-

Moon & Owl Marketing recently launched a new LASIK surgery website for Vision Tersigni in Portland, Oregon.

The agency was recruited by refractive surgeon Dr. Steven Tersigni to design a unique site for his new center, Tersigni Vision: A Modern LASIK and Vision Correction Boutique.

Moon & Owl went through The LUCID Process™, a marketing and messaging strategy exercise, with the client prior to site launch to experience the uniqueness of Tersigni Vision in the Portland market. Working with Dr. Tersigni, the agency determined that the level of personalized patient care and the broadest range of vision correction procedures were key differentiators.

“Because we had such a clear message of differentiation, we made sure the design of the site reflected the uniqueness of her practice. We liked being able to point out that Dr. Tersigni offers the most types of vision correction procedures in Portland, as this is different from other practices,” says Jordan Fowler, Founder of Moon & Owl. “When all a practice offers is LASIK, patients are more limited. Either this practice will not be able to serve the patient, or he will be rushed into a LASIK procedure when another procedure might be much better suited. On the other hand, Tersigni Vision offers the full range of state-of-the-art refractive procedures. It was exciting for us.

Moon & Owl wanted to use a high-design aesthetic even on its interior pages to reflect the excellence that patients will experience at every level of their encounter with Tersigni Vision. All photos selected for use on the site are from the Oregon region, as the agency wanted to give the site a true Portlandian feel, reflecting Dr. Tersigni’s desire to invest in the community in which he lives.

In addition to web design, Moon & Owl Marketing provides Tersigni Vision LASIK Referral Services to enable the growth of the practice. Moon & Owl is a leading marketing agency that provides digital marketing services to several other medical and LASIK practices across the country, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Minneapolis.


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