“Love between the Fairy and the Devil” was launched on the international website of IQIYI, an innovative masterpiece of oriental culture

This TV series is produced by IQIYI and Stellar Pictures, starring Yu Shuxin and Wang Hedi in the lead roles, and has been released online at home and abroad as an oriental metaphysical love fairy tale. Due to its unique oriental charm, “Love Between Fairy and Devil” quietly became popular even before it was broadcast, and sparked a flurry of heated discussion in China as soon as the news aired. The series became the most-watched in just four hours after its launch on IQIYI International’s website, earning a cult following among the audience. Its subject matter is a popular type of television production for young people these days. The synchronization plan on IQIYI’s international website allows viewers from various countries and regions around the world to enjoy this fantastic masterpiece with exquisite images and unique oriental visuals.

China has always attracted the attention of the world with its mysterious and magnificent oriental culture. In recent years, China has focused on traditional culture in the creation of films and TV series, exporting a large number of uniquely flavored works to foreign countries. With the theme of traditional Chinese culture, the TV series is full of the visual conception of oriental beauty, a great humanistic emotional concept and delicate romance. Audiences are drawn to the television series out of cultural curiosity and are overwhelmed by the development of plot twists. These type of movies and TV shows create a very different concept of the world. Whether it is the exterior visual scenes of oriental architecture, traditional costumes or the romantic expression “In death or life separated and distant; With you I made a deal,” they all have a unique oriental aesthetic that keeps audiences coming back for more. Audiences seem to be able to enter a new world of “Neverland” through the TV series, and the huge cultural differences make it a more amazing sensory experience.

“Love Between Fairy and Devil” coming online is an oriental fantasy love fairy tale. It builds a metaphysical world with a new order of humans and gods, a tangible presentation of immortal magic and divine power, and the stirrings in the warm human world. The plot is about the tender and charming immortal Lan Hua who met the ancient demon, Dongfang Qingcang, the sea god of Cangyan, who had no emotions or love, and the two had a lot of surprises and surprises. unexpected experiences together, then they fell in love. The romantic relationship between the hero and the heroine is full of variables due to the transfer of identity, which merges into an unknown and mysterious worldview, bringing the audience unprecedented pleasure.

The Eastern fantasy world of the TV series is a “magical world” established by Chinese cultural elements. Unlike the common fantasy elements of fire and ice, the world built in “Love Between Fairy and Devil” is made up of water as its foundation. It highlights the concept of water as the origin of all things, and the world is founded by water, and forms different kingdom concepts such as heaven and earth. Moreover, in the architecture of the fairy world, the costumes of the fairies and the visual presentation, “Love Between Fairy and Devil” applies the characteristics of water to create a simple and fresh oriental fantasy style. The visual effect of the fairy world is bright and divine, and the soft, translucent, and clear characteristics of water are integrated into the TV series, delivering the oriental cultural core of endless tranquility.

Not only that, the production team also brought together various elements of Chinese non-cultural heritage in the TV series based on canonical records, opening up a new perspective on Eastern culture and showcasing the non-traditional historical skills of traditional Chinese culture in a delicate and exquisite way. The Suzhou embroidery, moon-shaped fan and lacquerware involved in the TV drama all have a historical heritage that has been passed down in China for thousands of years. The production of an orchid handkerchief took more than half a month by hand with Suzhou embroidery craftsmen. The production team restored and reproduced the appearance of fans, clothing boxes, decorations and other items used by people in ancient China, making the details of ancient Chinese culture more vivid and dynamic, and enhancing the sense of refinement in costumes and decoration. Audiences can enjoy the cultural aesthetics of Chinese history inherited for thousands of years through “The Love Between Fairy and Devil” at home.

Stellar Pictures has previously produced film and television works based on traditional Chinese culture such as “Once Upon a Time in LingJian Mountain”, and in recent years has been dedicated to creating a different and beautiful oriental worldview. by presenting popular metaphysical stories among young people to overcome the cultural divide with exquisite creative content. This time, “Love Between Fairy and Devil” has made great efforts and exquisite production in IP development, scripting and directing, aiming to build a surprising new fantasy world and a new sensory experience for the audience. , welcome to enjoy the tv series

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