Lexington Tree Experts adds more features to its tree services website

Lexington, Kentucky– A company that works hard to make all its services accessible to owners, Lexington Tree Experts has just reworked its website. According to the company’s CEO, the now-updated website offers impressive capabilities, with most of these capabilities designed to ensure that owners can more easily order tree maintenance services.

“The company recently added a contact form to the website,” said the CEO of Lexington Tree Experts. “However, instead of just allowing owners to send clear messages to the business, the contact form allows owners to provide tree service requests.”

According to the CEO of the company, requesting tree service procedures through the form is extremely easy. All an owner needs to do is enter their name and contact information, select their preferred tree care procedure, and then hit the submit button to send that information to the company.

“The company’s service request account has been updated to continuously search and capture new requests as they are submitted from the website,” the CEO said. “The system organizes the requests, with the first requests coming first, then followed by procedures that were requested much later. This ensures that the company takes care of the tree maintenance procedure as soon as possible without causing the owners to wait too long.

To view the new Lexington Tree Experts website, use this link: https://www.treeservicelexington.net/.

The CEO mentioned that for homeowners who prefer to order tree maintenance services over the phone, the website makes this process extremely easy.

“A portion of the company’s customers are not as tech-savvy and may need to speak to someone when ordering their service procedure,” the company’s CEO said. “The website has a phone number these owners can use to call. The good news is that owners don’t need to copy this number onto their dial to call the company’s customer service desk. By simply clicking on the button with the phone number, the website will automatically put the phone number on the customer’s dial.

The CEO noted that the website has been updated to display perfectly on computers and mobile phones.

“After extensively tracking website traffic sources,” the CEO said, “the web design team realized that traffic was no longer just coming from desktops. realized that some of the company’s audience used smartphones to access the website. To provide smartphone users, as well as computer users, with an enjoyable experience, the technical team of company had to improve the website.”

The company reportedly made its website responsive. The website can currently determine the screen size of the device used to access it. Once the website determines the screen size, it will adjust its features to fit the screen perfectly.

“The company’s designers designed the website in such a way that when someone views it on a mobile,” the CEO said, “it ensures that the most important features, such as the service order form and the contact buttons, are easily accessible.”

The CEO noted that his company has always made the website extremely easy to navigate. According to the CEO, owners will no longer have to waste time trying to figure out where different website features are.

“A significant percentage of the company’s tree service customers are over the age of 60,” said the company’s CEO. “These owners need a website that is extremely easy to use. Otherwise, if the company gives them a business that is not easy to navigate, their chances of abandoning the website to go for something better will be very high.

Lexington Tree Experts notes that its offices are located at Lexington Tree Experts 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, 40504 Lexington, KY. The company can be reached at 859-710-6512 and [email protected]

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