KindiCare childcare finder app launches new next-gen comparison website

KindiCarethe creator of Australia’s first childcare search app, which had over 50,000 installs in less than a year, has launched a new child care comparison destination which brings the best of the popular app to an ultra modern next-gen website.

The creation of the website represents a year of research and development efforts combined with extensive consultation with a large number of parents who use the KindiCare app and also childcare providers who use the KindiCare Marketplace portal. .

“The KindiCare app was developed to take all the complexity out of finding child care and simplify the journey for families looking for early learning services,” explained Benjamin Balk, Founding CEO of KindiCare.

“By all of our internal metrics, our strategy performed incredibly well with over 60,000 user sessions logged in March alone and a commensurate number of high-quality leads generated for our early learning partners.”

“With the launch of our KindiCare comparison website, users can now switch from their mobile phone to their computer or tablet with a single login allowing the parent to choose the KindiCare search experience that’s right for them.”

“It’s great for families and great for providers, which is a great outcome for the industry as a whole.”

KindiCare comparison website, a state-of-the-art next-gen ad website

Kindicare’s new website uses a combination of next-generation ‘Rich Web’ capabilities with cutting-edge UX design informed by extensive research from inside and outside the early learning sector in Australia.

“We wanted to provide a truly exceptional and unique customer experience and worked hard to consult with as many families and providers as possible,” Mr. Balk said.

“However, we didn’t stop there as we were also very interested in exploring the customer experience that other pioneering and innovative platforms such as Uber Eats, and Domain were offering to their communities with a view to capturing their strategies. winners to create something sophisticated yet simple and engaging for the early learning sector.

“The result is something very special that will be hard to match,” he added.

“We have a unified, next-generation multi-channel platform where families can search by brand or center name, not just by suburb or postcode, which delivers a market-leading user experience and service providers from nanny have access to a pool of high quality leads that is second to none.

Family-to-center direct messaging capabilities extended to comparison website

The direct messaging interface at the heart of the KindiCare app that enables seamless communication between an inquiring family and a no-middleman childcare provider, and proven to work with families, has been extended to the Kindicare comparison site.

“Another key difference with the KindiCare experience is that traditional emails for communication, which are often ignored and remain in inboxes unanswered for long periods of time, are bypassed by our native app messaging which enables families to engage directly and safely with the child care providers of their choice,” said Balk.

“This feature creates a level of customer experience that parents want and certainty on behalf of vendors ensures the leads they receive are genuine, unique and high quality with a high likelihood of conversion.”

Balk said feedback from childcare providers was that the quality of leads and opportunities, not quantity, was most important to them. KindiCare seeks to reduce wasted effort by center directors and enrollment teams while ensuring that parents are only contacted through KindiCare by the providers they choose to engage with.

“We are extremely excited to launch the new KindiCare comparison website and to commemorate its launch, and also to continue to provide support to the industry as a whole, we are giving a 50% discount to all new KindiCare Premium subscribers. So it’s $54.50 per month, instead of $109.

“The value we create for providers is exceptional and we look forward to helping them connect with as many families as possible in the days and months ahead.”

To visit the new KindiCare comparison website, please click here.

To contact one of the KindiCare teams directly for more information, including how to access the limited time offer, click here.

Daniel L. Vasquez