Inspired by Wes Anderson movies, this home services website has revamped rooms from 6 popular TV shows

We think most of you have seen “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, “The French Dispatch”, “Moonrise Kingdom” and maybe a few other films directed by Wes Anderson. Then you might agree that they stand out for their eccentricity and unique storytelling styles, as well as their visual approach.

Inspired by the Andersonian aesthetic, home services website Angi, with the help of interior designer Lau Wlasenkov, revamped rooms from six popular non-Wes Anderson TV shows in the director’s signature style. . Scroll down for whimsical, bright and symmetrical interiors! This could be an inspiration for your future home, perhaps?

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Russian doll

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“Do you always wake up in your bathroom? Either you have trouble finding your bed, or you are the main character Nadia in the first season of “Russian Doll”. In this critically acclaimed Netflix series, Nadia, played by Natasha Lyonne, rematerializes in her bathroom at the same time at the same party, no matter how hard she tries to end the cycle. Throughout the season, Nadia’s industrial-style black, white, and brass bathroom is known as the aesthetically and thematically dark antechamber to each episode.

“Whimsical symmetry is one of Wes Anderson’s signatures, reflected in the design of Nadia’s bathroom on the show, so we accentuated the symmetry by brightening the color scheme of the room and adding columns andersonian suitcase twins, a stylish solution to organizing bathroom clutter, plus we’ve added tiles inspired by “The Darjeeling Limited” movie for added Wes Anderson flair. of Nadia?”


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“The TV show ‘Succession’ has all the makings of a Wes Anderson classic: an overbearing father, several wayward children, razor-sharp dialogue and a dizzying sense of scale. But in ‘Succession,’ the dark comedy-drama which follows the trials and tribulations of a family media conglomerate, backgrounds remain backgrounds. The character house designs feature chrome and glass, indicating the characters’ terrible wealth and stunted emotional lives, rather than exposing them through the twee expressionism that Anderson favors.

“To redesign the office of patriarch character Logan Roy’s summer home, we turned to another boss for inspiration: the office of editor-in-chief Arthur Howitzer, Jr. of ‘The French Dispatch’. We’ve added curves in the windows to soften the space and, because Anderson’s films are full of characters trying to exorcise their demons through art, an ongoing wistful painting of Logan’s children.


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“While the revered 1990s sitcom ‘Friends’ set is recognizable by generations of fans, we think it needs some discipline from Wes Anderson. Monica, the site of many on-screen breakups, breakfasts and vacations, and placed her new furniture on a tighter grid to reveal her latent symmetry.Then we reigned in Monica’s free color without cutting into the palette of the room. And we put Phoebe’s guitar in the spotlight for good measure.

“But our flagship piece is the retro television. Everyday items like a television or a clock can undermine an otherwise cultured room, but remember that Wes Anderson style is all about the details. You might not want to add a monochrome CRT TV to your living room, but framing a flat screen TV in a cabinet or picture frame is a great way to add character to your living room.


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“Netflix’s hit show ‘Bridgerton’ spurred a cultural appreciation for the style of design now known as Regencycore. Opulently decadent, the series’ sets frame an equally dramatic story of love and gossip in early 19th century British high society.The main character Daphne’s bedroom is a royal cupcake of space, but today’s teenagers might prefer a touch of modernity and humor in their interpretation. of the elegant English boudoir.

“Daphne’s patterned walls already have a Wes Anderson feel, but we made the look bolder by adding zebra wallpaper. This design choice brings Anderson’s preference for an unexpected and exotic flair.

Mad Men

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“Fans of the show ‘Mad Men’ probably know how the different houses featured indicated the emotional status of the main characters, such as the hip Don and Meghan, but the soulless house and dark kitchen of the Draper house of And while most of this period drama is set at a high-pressure advertising agency in the 1960s, we opted to give the main character’s home the Wes Anderson treatment.

“‘Mad Men’ sets tended towards realism, and all three kitchens were dark by Anderson standards. We gave it a design overhaul inspired by Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, including a bright yellow color scheme , wood paneling and New England-themed artwork.If you look closely, you’ll notice that Don’s trilby is still sitting on the counter.

Sex education

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Netflix’s hilarious (and often lascivious) coming-of-age comedy ‘Sex Education’ is truly an education in British interiors – an often haphazard assemblage of details accumulated over centuries of cultural change and decades of change. family heirlooms. While main character Otis’ attic bedroom already looks like a classic Wes Anderson lair, we’ve given it some finishing touches to make it shine.

“The fox vibe fits perfectly with Otis’ attic, so we borrowed styles from the movie ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ for the makeover. Anderson previously described his film’s palette as “hyper-autumn,” so we made golden-yellow leaf patterns appear cascading from the wooden beams and columns. But while Mr. Fox wears Wes Anderson’s famous corduroy jacket during the film, we left Otis’ signature tricolor bomber jacket hanging from an Easter egg.

Daniel L. Vasquez