Have a question about road construction in the Vegas Valley? There is a site for that

Almost every day, readers email or call the Road Warrior for information about a particular road project impacting their daily commute.

From big ones like the Interstate 15-Tropicana Interchange Reconstruction Project to smaller ones like your local neighborhood’s road repair updates, there are endless questions about the roadwork being done in the Valley of Vegas.

Regional Transportation Commission CEO MJ Maynard understands.

“Since 2014, the RTC has awarded more than $2.1 billion to local agencies for road financing projects, with 344 projects completed, 139 currently in the design phase and 118 others in the construction phase, creating more than 14,000 total jobs,” Maynard said. “We understand that by building and maintaining infrastructure that improves safety and congestion, we are also disrupting your communities and your daily commute.”

Some of the reader requests make great topics for columns or stories, especially questions about projects that impact large numbers of motorists in the Las Vegas Valley. Others may receive a response by email or phone.

With the seemingly endless number of road projects in Southern Nevada, the RTC has developed a website where anyone can search for information on road construction projects in the Valley.

The well named Do you see Orange? – a play on orange traffic cones and barrels used in road construction zones – is a great resource for anyone looking for the latest news on a road project, or checking to see if one is included in their route. There, residents can also use the two-way tool to get information about roadworks and traffic lights.

“While the Seeing Orange website was originally launched in 2015 as a one-stop-shop for our community to get information and ask questions about roadworks and construction, we have made improvements over the years. to make it as easy as possible for our residents and visitors to get the information they need to plan their trips,” Maynard said.

Some notable website features to help streamline inquiries and keep road users informed include:

Customer response system: Available to Traffic Management Center staff to answer your questions about traffic lights.

Project map: Includes active construction projects around the valley and traffic lights affected by road works. Each project is clickable on the map, which provides important information, including when a project is due to start and when it will be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions: For frequently asked questions about road projects and where the funding for road construction projects comes from.

Information page: For up-to-date information on the most discussed road projects

Blog: Featuring stories highlighting projects and initiatives in your community.

So the next time a road project has you seeing red, hop over to the RTC website where you will soon see orange and information about the road project that is driving you crazy.

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A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the URL of Seeing Orange?

Daniel L. Vasquez