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Small Business Website Designs

Small Business Website Designs

Mobile-ready website design

Mobile-ready website design

Glenn Website Design is now accepting new clients. Glenn is a custom website company for small businesses in need of local and national representation.

What is valid today no longer exists tomorrow. Internet is a living being and is growing exponentially day by day. With this growth, everything on the internet must adapt or die.

—Glenn Madden

TULSA, OK, USA, March 15, 2022 / — After suspending operations for 2 years, Glenn Website Design is reopening its doors to new clients in a big way. Glenn offers some of the best prices on the internet. Not only do you get all the frills from the big corporate design companies for a fraction of the investment.

With the advent of COVID, Glenn closed its doors to walk-in clients in Tulsa in early 2020. For the past 2 years they have only supported existing clients. Now they have implemented a new system where their designer works 100% remotely. All interactions with new customers are done entirely online. You can sit at your desk or at the store desk and chat online with the designer. They also offer video conferences to discuss your website design or business marketing needs.

Glenn offers completely custom web design, “You may not like our custom design. But you don’t have to, we love it and most importantly, the client loves it and that brings the business “All of Glenn’s designs are tailored to the client’s wishes while using their technical expertise to make it work for the client’s business objective. Glenn will always recommend what’s best and sometimes just use a custom cookie cutter pattern template if that’s what the client wants. But their main advantage is that they work live on the development of the website, where you can check it out and offer feedback every day. You won’t find a more dedicated agency that can offer this kind of personalized service.

Glenn Madden, owner of Glenn Website Design, started creating interactive decision-based adventure scripts for his friends in 1978 before there was the Internet. It was created on a Commodore 64K computer. Your cell phone has about 100 times that power these days. The program was written in a basic programming language and was based on reading a script and choosing options. He was set up so his friends could dial up and play the game.

In the late 90s, Glenn started developing websites as a hobby. This later expanded into creating an intranet for Capsugel, a division of Pfizer at the time. Glenn then created commercial websites to promote unique products he purchased overseas. One of its oldest websites established in 2001 and still in operation is American TradUR Wholesale Furniture,

In 2015, Glenn and some of his business clients realized he had a knack for website design and online marketing. Glenn created the new company Glenn Website Design. Initially, Glenn offered shopping websites with wholesale furniture purchases. Customers loved it and it brought in even more business. New web design clients came and went through the years without any promotion from the company. Glenn preferred to focus on getting online sales for his own business, which was much more profitable.

Everything changed with COVID. The furniture industry, which relied on international shipping, was hit hard when shipping costs rose from $5,000 to $20,000. With the closures, Glenn was unable to take on new web design clients in the office as it was operating at the time. For the past 2 years, Glenn has worked with remote workers and implemented a system where all workers and customers interact online. Glenn Website Design is officially back in business in a really BIG way.

Newer websites are based on mobile interactions. The websites being created are fast and informative. Websites need to be beautiful, informative and well-structured, but… they also need to be REALLY FAST for mobile. Additionally, Glenn Website Design now offers animations, hover effects, and more. Glenn’s custom website design company will work with you to bring you the best website design for your small business with high quality modern web design at a reasonable price. They offer flexible fixed prices, hourly rates and monthly financing. Glenn’s custom web design company is designed for small businesses, but not limited to. For a limited time only, they are offering small business website design, a $3,000 package for a reopening price of $500, first come, first served.

At Glenn you will find all the latest design trends. If you are not updated, you will lose business to your competitors. The competition is no longer in your neighborhood. Customers can now shop internationally with very little effort. Your competitor for your local market could be located in China. To quote Glenn Madden “What works today won’t work tomorrow. Internet is a living being and is growing exponentially day by day. With this growth, everything that supports the internet, from Google to your own personal website, has to adapt.

Is your online business ready for 2022, if not visit Glenn today for a free consultation! One of the biggest changes in recent years on the Internet has been in mobile websites. Today, more than half of website visitors market or use a mobile phone. If you’re not quick and easy to read, you won’t survive the internet in 2022.

You need to decide who your target audience is for any website design. Many design company websites choose to have real content using BIG words and lots of big graphics. You can put their entire website in one paragraph. Yes, buyers use cell phones. BUT you need to consider your target audience. If you run a business that caters to professionals, the number of them using mobile to source products and services drops dramatically.

Another awful trend seen today is retro, hand-drawn graphic art. Yes, people are bored on average with the old style of professionalism and that might be good for some audiences. This will be a fad at best for a while. Nothing replaces a well-structured professional website to attract professionals. Get quick access to Glenn Website Design and you might be able to get a $3,000 website for just $500.

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