Grab This Exclusive IONOS Ecommerce Website Design Service Offer

IONOS, the web host that also offers website builder and domain registrar services, has recently expanded its design services portfolio and has now cut installation costs by £200.

This exclusive offer of IONOS means that anyone looking for an e-commerce specific web design service can purchase one at a discounted price for a limited time.

The new e-commerce design service covers everything from copywriting to privacy templates and SEO tools.

How it works

During an initial consultation, IONOS designers gather information about your company, your products and your goals for your online store.

Using the information you provide, they create an online store with a storefront, three additional web pages, and a page that can be used for terms and conditions. You can get all of this for just $70 per month excluding VAT.

In addition to the online store with three pages, 50 products and 50 product detail pages, the e-commerce site design service also includes setup of payment and shipping methods, unlimited maintenance, changes and updates, Facebook and Instagram shop integration, and full training on how to use your online store.

Until March 31, IONOS is offering a significant 20% discount on its installation fee, which is currently priced at $799 (was $999).

Why is this a good deal?

The launch of the web design service brings new benefits to those looking to start a e-commerce siteespecially for those who need a boost to create their online store.

Despite the significant discount, you will benefit from the same quality of service, with the addition of a maintenance offer available for any questions or adjustments necessary to optimize and develop your online store once published.

Daniel L. Vasquez