GoDaddy announces the launch of its new small business website design service – My Startup World

GoDaddy today announced the launch of its new Web Design Service (WDS). With the launch of WDS, GoDaddy is expanding its product offering to provide digital services to small businesses in the UAE tailored to their budget and level of expertise, with a team of experts to build their websites.

Tailored to the unique requirements of each business, the GoDaddy web design service delivers a modern, professionally designed WordPress website for small business owners in just weeks.

GoDaddy’s team of highly trained and talented web designers will ensure entrepreneurs have a professional looking, SEO optimized and mobile optimized website tailored to their individual business needs.

Selina Bieber, Managing Director, Middle East & Africa at GoDaddy said, “At GoDaddy, we know that entrepreneurs’ time is precious. We launched this new web design service as a convenient solution to support entrepreneurs and small business owners who feel they don’t have the time or skills to create websites for their business. Our team of web design experts will help them create a unique website for their business, so they can focus on running their business.

With compelling content, with visual design and vivid layouts, businesses can have a premium look for their website. GoDaddy WDS provides entrepreneurs with the perfect website design best suited for their industry and business, which can ultimately help their brands stand out from the online crowd and drive traffic to their websites.

“Entrepreneurs can count on GoDaddy’s group of expert web designers, who know the web and know web design best practices and current trends, and can create a website for them that looks professional,” appears on Google search pages and optimized for mobile devices, to help attract new customers to their digital doorsteps, ”added Bieber.

GoDaddy’s web design team can create fully bilingual websites in English and Arabic to ensure small business owners and entrepreneurs can cater to all of their audiences in the UAE, across the region and beyond .

To register, complete a “Request a Call” form to receive a call from one of GoDaddy’s designers who will guide them through the creation process from their unique website.

Daniel L. Vasquez