Fake website using similar name of Vartha Bharati posting joint triggering news

Mangaluru: A complaint was filed on Monday evening with the Mangaluru Police Commissioner against a bogus website operating under a name similar to that of Vartha Bharati, posting sensitive and triggering community posts.

The fake website is run as Varthabarthi.com in a deliberate attempt to use the goodwill, credibility and popularity of Kannada’s main news website, Varthabharati.in, operated and managed by Vartha Bharati Media Group.

The fake website also publishes fake content and news that can potentially create community unrest and trigger unrest in society.

Among the major news that featured on the fake website is a news article quoting ex-Pakistani cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq that ex-Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh has converted to Islam . The news is baseless and false.

The criminals who created the website also tricked people into joining their WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp group name is VarthaBarthi.com. The link to join the WhatsApp group is also posted on their website. +919449410497 is displayed as the group administrator’s number.

It is an intimidating ploy and is clearly part of a plot to trigger unease in society by spreading fake news inciting the community using Vartha Bharati’s name.

As an immediate measure, Vartha Bharati filed a complaint with the Mangaluru Police Commissioner on Monday evening seeking legal action against the creators of the fake website and WhatsApp group. In the complaint, Vartha Bharati also urged the Commissioner of Police to take action to immediately remove the bogus website and its WhatsApp groups.

Furthermore, Vartha Bharati also filed an email complaint with the website’s domain regulator.

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Daniel L. Vasquez