Every UofT Website, Ranked – The Strand

There are so many websites to follow at UofT, and you should use most of them constantly during your first few months at this school. Therefore, I decided to provide the most objective, correct and truthful guide to the University’s web presence. Enjoy!

  1. GLANS

The center of everything. All roads lead to ACORN and ACORN leads everywhere else. While I appreciate having all of my information in one place, it’s also where you learn whether or not you’ve failed this degree requirement.

  1. UTMail+ (Outlook)

The ultimate harbinger of news, whether good, bad or just another automated Quercus email. Outlook notification chime will haunt your dreams and instill fear in your waking hours. Pavlov, a lot?

  1. Quercus

Welcome to your new home. Until you graduate, you will eat, breathe, and (not) sleep Quercus. It will become your only joy, your only sorrow and (eventually) perhaps your only peace. That is, if your only teacher sees fit to publish on time.

  1. Degree Explorer

The final destination for lesson planning. Here you can stack courses for the next half-decade of your life, assembling your degree like a monochromatic game of Tetris. Fair warning: every time you make a change, the little people inside the website take ten whole seconds to reassess your value. Crashes are common, sure, but it’s so useful that most don’t care.

  1. Student life

Whoever creates these PowerPoint templates has certainly contributed to the Student Life website. Prepare for massive images, numbers, and drop-down lists that rarely answer the questions you asked. If you’re just browsing, you might find a cool club or organization you didn’t know you wanted to join.

  1. CLNx

The early 2000s called and they want their web design back. Whether you’re crying over opaque site navigation or your alternately rejected application, let the tears flow! On top of all that, CLNx is a great resource for any leadership training or career advice you’re looking for. Whether it’s charging.

  1. StarRez

Hey, you gotta live somewhere, and that’s where you find out what little box yours is.

  1. UdeT library

Textbooks are expensive and yours are no exception. After learning how much next year’s door blocking will cost, check out course servers or online forums to find upperclass students willing to sell their books for cheap (or for free!). They can also tell you about bad malicious websites where people get books for free instead of paying publishers thousands of dollars a year. So immoral!

  1. main website

Very blue. Finding something here is like trying to find a matching sock under a pile of clothes the size of your house. Honest advice: just google it.

  1. Calendar

The more dorkier younger brother of Degree Explorer. If you solve logic puzzles for fun, you’ll enjoy this one, although I’ve never heard a single student say they’ve used this tool.

  1. UCheck

I appreciate the effort, I make it, but did it really do anything? Anyone who has ever lied about their sexuality on a BuzzFeed quiz can defeat UCheck. That said, I’m a little sad to see him go.

  1. GPA Calculator

You know you shouldn’t go, but you do it anyway. You already know what he will say.

  1. Application Portal

Inauspicious. Do not enter.

Daniel L. Vasquez