Crypter reveals revamped website design as part of its Crypter V2 project

Metro, Philippines – April 06, 2022 – Crypter, an all-in-one platform aimed at bridging the gap between traditional social media platforms and the crypto community, recently launched an updated version of its website to market its platform and enable people to get familiar with Crypter more easily.

Revamped website design for Crypter

Crypter is a socialization tool that improves the crypto environment by combining the best of social media networks with DeFi networks. Users can link their portfolios, talk about strategies and profits, and announce their NFTs. Users can also form private groups to talk with crypto enthusiasts and connect with top influencers, traders, investors, and newbies, in addition to DeFi services.

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Crypter is unique in that it was created specifically for the crypto and blockchain communities.

More than just social media

Encrypt is more than a place to connect with friends. Crypter provides an innovative idea that mixes social networks, decentralized finance, games and other elements. These spirited people come together to discuss and share new ideas, to find people with similar goals and work with them.

Crypter V2: Advancing the Social Platform

Crypter V2 is the creation of an upgraded and updated Crypter platform. It is still in progress and will be released very soon. Around 85% of the development has already been completed. Crypter has been improved and updated, resulting in Crypter V2. This update was created to improve optimizations and compatibility with other tools used in the ecosystem. The new version is created from scratch. Although it may take some time to launch, the Crypter V2 will greatly improve the socializing experience.

Encryptor V2

Clean and organized design, improved UI, dark and light modes, protected launch pad, revamped chat UI, user profile, community forums exploration and much more are all included in the updated version. Additionally, Crypter Search, a crypto search engine, Crypter Wallet with NFT tracking and P2P services, and a host of other great projects are underway.

What’s more in Encrypt

Encrypt is not just an ordinary social platform. In addition to the pre-existing basic features, Crypter has introduced new innovative features. One can contact another simply by sending them a message on Crypter. People can also create a private group for their friends or cause. One can share their winnings with everyone, adjust their new NFT, or have everyone join them in their live stream. The best part about Crypto is that it allows people to establish or search forums dedicated to all things crypto.

Other major features of Crypter V2 include:

Encrypted email

One of Crypter’s additional features is a messaging platform. This platform allows users to create an email address. Email is great for whitelisting a competitor (a whitelist is a mechanism that explicitly allows certain identified entities access to a particular privilege or service). It can serve as an alternate email address for those who wish to remain anonymous and do not wish to use their primary email address on crypto-related websites that require it.

chain quest

Crypter’s focus also includes providing tools to make day-to-day crypto life easier. This is why Crypter works on many platforms and even one game. Under Crypter, Chain Quest will launch as a separate entity. A fighting game will be the first game to be released. A demo of the game is now available at Apart from that, two more games are in the works under Chain Quest.

Tax Update

The new version also changed tax policies. The new tax for Crypt will be 3% BUSD rewards, 1% on marketing, and 1% on redemption and consumption.

About Encryptor

Crypter is a Facebook-like platform that combines decentralized finance (DeFi) with social media in a highly engaging environment. The project aspires to become the social network that the cryptosphere now lacks. Its goal is to provide the cryptography tools that users need on a daily basis.

Once the project achieves its optimistic vision, it will become the destination of choice for crypto enthusiasts around the world.

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