Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine Announces New Brand and Website | Local

MUSCATINE – The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine announced this week that in addition to its new brand identity and logo, it will also be launching a new website.

While the web address would remain the same — — the Community Foundation team hopes that this new website will be improved and easy to use.

“Community foundations kind of go through different life cycles, and we’ve grown so quickly that I just think our messaging has been inconsistent,” said Lynsey Krusie, program manager.

Krusie said it soon became clear that Community Foundation clients and stakeholders — and even community members — weren’t 100% sure about the role of a community foundation.

“They’ve seen our name and our logo, but they haven’t really understood what we are, so our hope is to keep it simpler and more engaging will allow us to reach more people and tell our story better” , Krusie continued.

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According to Krusie, the team began the process of redesigning its identity and website more than six months ago.

“We started to take a closer look at our website and all the marketing materials we put out in our logo,” she said. “There were just a lot of inconsistencies, and we actually interviewed a lot of different stakeholders to get their feedback on the Community Foundation.”

From there, the team began looking at logo concepts, using the data and feedback gathered to create something that embodied the team’s vision for the Community Foundation, which is an organization that focuses on using its various resources to strengthen the rest of the community.

“After that, we started finalizing the logo in March, and since then we’ve been working on the website. We are excited to have everything officially launched,” Krusie said.

The Community Foundation’s new website features easy-to-navigate pages with simplified messages that help make the information easily understood by those who visit the site. In addition to being a more enhanced experience, the website also uses its new visual design to further showcase the work being done in partnership with the Community Foundation throughout Muscatine County.

Along with the announcement, Krusie took a moment to thank the Iowa Board of Foundations, which provided the Community Foundation team with support and funding to cover the cost of rebranding, all new marketing materials and the launch of a new website.

“We are grateful for their support in helping us with additional capacity, making this project possible,” Krusie said.

Daniel L. Vasquez