Centerforce launches brand new website

Centerforce, manufacturer of performance clutches and flywheels for classic and newer cars and trucks for over 40 years, has announced the launch of an all new user-friendly website. The company’s new site features a redesigned layout with year, make, model search and faster load times for easier navigation. Its enhanced dealer finder feature allows customers to locate nearby Centerforce dealers and installers by zip code or address to get their upgrades quickly.

The all-new homepage features new product releases and video downloads so visitors can keep up to date with the latest Centerforce offerings and adventures. In addition to an application-specific search engine, Centerforce’s various product lines are divided into easy-to-navigate categories.

Several additional filters are available to explore the products via a few different specifications, such as the diameter of the clutch plate or the number of splines of the input shaft. This is beneficial for customers creating a custom application, and all product detail pages provide full specifications for each product, such as torque capacity and more.

“We are very excited to have a new online home for our products and our brand,” said Bryan Wilson, CEO of Centerforce. “We’ve been hard at work designing and planning an improved online shopping experience for some time, and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. This new location will be the one stop shop for our products and equipment as we continue to push the boundaries of engineering for performance clutches here at Centerforce.

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Daniel L. Vasquez