Breckland Council website ranked in national top 10 for accessibility

A review of over 400 council websites across the country ranked the Breckland Council site in the top 10 for accessibility.

The rating was conducted by Silktide, an organization that monitors and measures the content and quality of websites.

Figures from their testing this month put Breckland ninth out of 402 local authorities nationwide.

Breckland Council logo. (54772197)

This is an impressive increase, as the council was ranked 344th when a similar assessment was carried out in February 2020.

The drastic improvement was carried out by the council which made a series of changes.

These include reducing and simplifying text on web pages, making downloadable files easy to read and usable with screen-reading equipment used by people who are blind or visually impaired, changing colors and contrast website design and reduce images. to speed up page loading.

Jane James, Executive Member of Client and Business Services, said, β€œAt Breckland Council, we pride ourselves on being inclusive for all. Our goal has been to make our website as usable as possible by everyone, regardless of visual appearance, mobility, hearing, or cognitive impairment, so to now be ranked in the top ten tips for nationwide is an incredible achievement.”

Changes to improve the accessibility and functionality of the website are in addition to the introduction of a new chatbot.

People can type in questions and Bobbie will provide an answer automatically.

This means residents can contact the council 24/7 and a recent survey showed that 80% of people who have used the service have found Bobbie to be helpful.

In May, the chatbot responded to 86% of inquiries without intervention, the small number of questions that Bobbie was unable to answer were answered by a council officer during office hours.

Daniel L. Vasquez