Man, oh, man! It’s been a long week!!! It was filled with lots of fun and laughter, plus I learned a lot. Earlier this week, I attended a content creator retreat with several bloggers, some I already knew and a couple I had never met before. Blogging can be a lonely profession, especially if you live in a small or remote area. We are not numerous, at the beginning, and those that I know live far from my home.

Over 40 fashion bloggers, Tania Stephens and Jennifer of A Well Styled Life stand in front of a Nashville banner for a blogging retreat

You’ve probably seen me mention my best blogger, Jennifer from A stylish life. It’s only the second time I’ve met her in person, the last time was in 2019, so it’s been way too long. Although we don’t usually meet in person, we talk almost daily, and sometimes several times a day.

Over 40 fashion bloggers, Tania Stephens and several other bloggers gathered in Nashville for a blogging retreat

Here is the whole crew. Starting from the bottom left, you have Jo-Lynne Shane and Cyndi Spivey. Middle row is Lisa Richardson from Form an ocean to another and Dawn Parsons of Party style till dawn. First would be Jennifer and me. It was our first night and we ate at the Husk restaurant. It was delicious and the company was excellent.

Over 40 fashion bloggers, Tania Stephens and her blogger friends are outside the Batman Bldg.  at a blogging retreat in Nashville

It’s not a trip to Nashville if you don’t go to downtown Broadway. Here we are in front of the Batman Building.

Over 40 fashion blogger, Tania Stephens is in Nashville on a blogging retreat and listening to music

We wanted to listen to country music, and after trying several places, we finally found one that was great. The Broadway stage was fabulous and I was shocked to find a table where we could all sit and listen to music. The group was Whisky, Cash & Roses was fantastic. Cyndi asked the band to play I feel like a woman by Shaina Twain, and it became the theme song for the trip.

Over 40 fashion blogger, Tania Stephens makes GooGoo Cluster candy bar at blogging retreat in Nashville

The next day was a Sweet Tooth day. We took a course on creating a GooGoo cluster and had a blast. Have you ever eaten a GooGoo Cluster? They have been around for a long time. They were the first candy bar to combine different ingredients. Before them, it was just one product, like chocolate. I’d show you what I made, but it was so tempting that I ate it already. Lol!

Over 40 fashion blogger, Tania Stephens makes GooGoo Cluster candy bar at blogging retreat in Nashville2945

This is the box that had the candy in it, and after that we went to a donut shop. Did I mention that I might have gained five pounds or more during this retreat?

Over 40 fashion bloggers, Tania Stephens and her blogging pals all took a line dancing lesson

Our private lesson to learn line dancing was the highlight of the trip. We had the sweetest, kindest Urban Cowboy, who taught us three different dances before we all collapsed from exhaustion. Cyndi asked me to feel like a woman again, so he showed us a dance for this song. This is a must-do experience if you go to Nashville; here is the company website.

If you want to follow these ladies on Instagram, here are their IG accounts. Me (I hope you follow me there), Dawn, Cyndi, Jo-Lynne, Jenniferand Lisa.

Website issues

So nothing ever goes as well as you would like. My new website design went live yesterday but was missing a year of content so they had to put my old site back up until they could migrate everything. Depending on when you read this, it may or may not be operational. I was so stressed yesterday, and I may have had a crush on Joe a couple of times. He told me to relax, but if you’re like me, when you’re stressed, the last thing you want anyone to say to you is CHILL. Ugh!

Blogger Favorites

While we were in Nashville, I mentioned to the ladies that my sister and her friends were bringing an item that they like to show everyone. We didn’t have anything with us, but shared some of our favorite items.

Jennifer from A stylish life says she’s obsessed with this:

Over 40 fashion bloggers, Tania Stephens buys Amazon products

Fuel Booster

Lisa from Form an ocean to another love these belts.

Because I have such dry skin, I always try new products. This body cream is very thick, so I layer it on top of another I use in hopes of sealing in the product. I know I do this with some of my skincare, so why not my body cream?


Triple Repair Moisturizing Body Cream

I’ve talked a lot about this denim jacket, but in case you missed it, this is my favorite denim jacket. It’s light and flexible, plus it’s perfect for fall.

Wrangler Authentics Women's Stretch Denim Jacket

Wrangler Authentics Women’s Stretch Denim Jacket

The last thing I share is this hanging Water resistant cosmetic makeup bag. This baby is huge and contains a ton of items. Cyndi liked he who is a cord and can then be laid flat on the counter. It would be a good option if there is counter space, but most of the time I like mine to hang up.

Water Resistant Cosmetic Makeup Bag

Water Resistant Cosmetic Makeup Bag

This week’s giveaway

This week’s winner of Kate Spade earrings is Kathy Wilson. This week’s winner of a soothing mini diet was Katherine Carter! Be sure to watch for an email from me, as I will need your address.

Phew! Looks like I have a lot of stuff behind the scenes. Lol! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget to partake in these two giveaways.

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