Baby Luna Classic is getting big

LONDON, UK, Sept. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Baby Luna Classic ($BLUNC), a Binance Smart Chain project aimed at building a huge Defi ecosystem where passive income will be the rule, is rapidly advancing to new heights after its successful launch. The project launched an entirely new and improved website design for users. The project is striving to expand its usefulness and earn the trust of investors through several marketing campaigns and partnerships.

Additionally, Baby Luna Classic also released their NFT, the strike is live, and the project also secured their second swap deal, which is a significant milestone. They will also be announcing their secret utility decentralized app in the coming days.

A quick overview of Baby Luna Classic

The project is honored by the provision of a complete package. Thanks to the employment of an accomplished team to achieve its exemplary vision, Baby Luna Classic has become a preeminent community in no time. The project offers utilities, fun and a source of passive income sufficient to attract the attention of investors. However, Baby Luna Classic does not stop there. It takes it a step further by partnering with top projects and influencers dominating the crypto platform. The official community currency is $BLUNC which not only transacts at node speed but also has much lower gas fees than Ethereum.

Baby Luna Classic aspires to impress its creator Luna Classic by flaunting its super-fast transaction speed, smart community, and phenomenal feature that offers 5% $LUNC rewards to all holders. Now is a great time to buy and hold $LUC not only because of its well-thought-out vision, but also because of its associations with major centralized exchanges.


Like any other project, Baby Luna Classic has inspiring professional and moral values. Being a decentralized community, the project believes that continuity is highly dependent on mutual trust, transparency and community. The first of these values ​​is trust. The erosion of investor confidence is the bane of longevity. To stem any degree of mistrust and ambiguity, the project took two important steps. First, it was audited by a third party, KryptAudit. Second, he burned and locked a large portion of his LP tokens.

Next comes the value of community. In the world of crypto, no project can exist without the support of its community. Baby Luna Classic understands this very well. It aspires to include every member of the community, regardless of the shape of the world from which the individual originates. To achieve this goal, Baby Luna Classic operates numerous Telegram channels to keep in touch with even the newest member of the community. Baby Luna Classic laid the foundation for the company’s pursuit of longevity. The policies adopted by the project and the development measures taken also guarantee a long-term community.

An autonomous ecosystem

The main goal of Baby Luna Classic is the rebirth of Luna Classic through creating a strong and sustainable community for itself. The project is open to all kinds of ideas from members that can help strengthen the existing community. So, it won’t be wrong to call Baby Luna Classic a community-powered project.

Baby Luna Classic improves customer confidence by burning their initial LP tokens. Additionally, 5% of each transaction fee is added to the liquidity pool. A unique feature offered by the project is that for each Baby Luna Classic transaction, rewards equal to 5% of the transaction fee are distributed to Baby Luna Classic holders. The rewards distributed are in the form of Luna Classic. Thus, one can win Luna Classic by simply holding Baby Luna Classic in his wallet.

Baby Luna Classic Protocol

For each transaction, Baby Luna Classic imposes a transaction fee of 12% which is used by the project for different purposes. 5% of transaction fees are reallocated to Baby Luna Classic holders as rewards. Another 5% is used to expand the marketing portfolio and help the project secure an endless supply of fuel for marketing purposes. The remaining 2% is directed to the liquidity pool.

Map of the Moon and Tokenomics

Baby Luna Classic divides its roadmap aka Moon Map into 4 distinct phases. The roadmap begins with phase 1 which is named “Birth” by the project. Then comes the Crawl phase, Walk and finally the Skyrocket phase. Baby Luna Classic has a total supply of 1 million tokens with over 500 holders currently.

Additionally, potential investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in Baby Luna Classic can visit the project’s official website or read the white paper.

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