Alabama Legislature’s New Website Now Live

The Alabama Legislature’s website came back online on Monday with what officials said was a much-needed facelift.

Senate Secretary Pat Harris called the website “possibly the country’s No.1 legislative website” on Tuesday during a demonstration of the website to stakeholders.

“We’ve improved everything we had and the ideas we got, not just from other states but from all of you to make it more functional for what you all need to do on a daily basis,” Harris said. “I hope it works out well and makes the session even better.”

The focal point of the presentation was updating the website’s invoice tracking system, which was clunky and difficult to manage prior to the redesign, especially on mobile devices.

The new system makes it easier to find invoices, using keywords or more specific information. And now, users can search for invoices in any session, not just the current session. Filter options allow you to view invoices by sponsor, session, subject or more and invoices can be added to a saved invoices area for easier tracking.

Harris said users previously had to track invoices through third-party sites.

The home page has been simplified to a grid with options such as “House of Representatives”, “Legislative Services Agency” and “Search Invoices”.

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Clicking on an option takes you to the page or takes you to another grid with options within that group.

Live streaming capacity has increased dramatically with the Covid-19 pandemic and is now much more easily accessible than in the previous design. Before Monday, a user would have to click on a series of menu options to find the live streams, and it is not immediately clear to users which series it is. Now, live streams have a dedicated tab right on the homepage and are accessible from many other tabs as well.

A navigation bar on the left of the page directs users to Meetings and Announcements, where a list of all meetings is posted along with relevant meeting information such as press releases and the live stream link for the meeting.

Although the site is very different today from what it was last week, the address remains

Officials encouraged the public to visit the site and see the navigation for themselves before the start of the 2022 legislative session on January 11.

Daniel L. Vasquez