Africa Economic Summit Group Unveils Future of Africa Project Website to Develop the Idea of ​​“Africa by Africans for All”

London, UK. The Africa Economic Summit Group has launched the Future of Africa project website to enable Africans around the world to design together the Africa they want to see. This project initiated by the Africa Economic Summit Group, an international organization based in the United Kingdom and committed to the growth and competitiveness of the African continent, is a long two-year journey to collect the best thoughts of Africans on the future that they wish for their continent.

According to Dr. Brian Reuben, CEO of the Africa Economic Summit Group, “The problems in Africa can only be solved by Africans. There is not a single African who does not want Africa to succeed. And when you think about it, Africa is blessed not only with abundant natural resources but also with human resources. All over the world, Africans are doing great things in medicine, technology, sports and just about anything you can think of. This project is our chance to come together and design the future of our Africa as one people.

The Future of Africa project is designed to bring Africans together to generate the ideas and frameworks needed to build the new Africa with opportunities for all. The idea of ​​developing all aspects of the African economy and providing a high standard of living for the people.

This report, which will be presented to the African Union on May 25, 2024, will serve as a guide for individuals and organizations interested in doing business in Africa. It will present Africa to the world from a position of strength. The report will also provide policy guidance to African governments on the path to a strong, resilient and competitive Africa. These proposals will also maintain contact details for people who have been involved in the two-year project, including how to contact them. This will therefore offer everyone involved in the project a chance to work directly with the African Economic Summit Group, governments of African countries, investors interested in Africa, other international and multilateral organizations, etc.

“Our people clearly understand what needs to be done to move the continent forward. But while the problem has never been the lack of ideas but mostly the political will to implement ideas, the Future of Africa project will even allow Africans to come up with ideas on how to manage the will politics,” Dr. Reuben said.

All Africans around the world are eligible to participate in the Future of Africa project by logging into the project website at

The final report that will come out of this trip will include proposals with measures on how to achieve a better future for Africa. New businesses, business models, economic models, national and regional strategies and policies are some of the expected results of the project.

To learn more about the project and the collaboration opportunities available, please visit or email [email protected]

Daniel L. Vasquez