6 Pitfalls Law Firms Should Avoid

In today’s technology driven business sector, a website is more important than ever. The quality of your website could make or break the success of your law firm. Indeed, it serves as a platform for marketing, customer engagement, customer service, and many more.

Your law firm can only benefit from a website if it is properly designed. A poorly designed website can only do more harm than good. Instead of attracting more customers, you risk creating a negative brand image that will discourage them from working with you.

When designing your website, be sure to avoid these pitfalls for the best results.

1. Loads too slow

One of the most common mistakes to avoid when designing a website is adding too many elements. These elements could affect its loading speed. Additionally, a user’s attention span is only about eight seconds. If a website takes too long to load, customers just need to press the close button.

Faster loading speed differentiates a good website from a bad one. As a digital marketing agency of a law firm describes it, site speed will result in a better user experience. Thus, it will encourage users to stay longer and take action on your platform.

2. Not mobile friendly

Almost the entire population of the world uses a smartphone to access websites. Unlike desktop computers, smartphones are more convenient to use. It also allows users to navigate different websites easily.

Creating a website that is not optimized for mobile use is another pitfall to avoid. If your law firm doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, you won’t be able to interact with many people. Also, many people rely on their smartphone to browse the internet. So, it could mean losing potential customers.

3. Insufficient information

One of the reasons people visit your website is to learn more about your law firm. Your website should also disclose your areas of expertise and work experience. This is all the more true when potential customers plan to hire a lawyer. So, that’s why they’re browsing your website in the first place.

By providing limited information on your website, customers might not even know what you are doing. If your website doesn’t provide detailed, high-quality information about your legal practice, it will be difficult to entice people to hire you.

Also, using a website with insufficient or incorrect information will not do your law firm any good. On the contrary, it will only make your law firm questionable or suspicious.

4. Poor design and layout

Check to see if your law firm’s website is still not getting any traction. See if you’re posting high-quality content on your website, but haven’t seen any improvement in your online traffic. If this is happening on your website, its poor design and layout could be the culprit.

Web design and layout are important because they influence how online users will see your brand. Be concerned if your website lacks navigation or simple links, contains unreadable texts and unclickable buttons. If that is the case. you encourage users to patronize your competitors’ legal departments.

5. Has no call to action

For your website to deliver results, it’s not enough to generate more online traffic, you also need to ensure that the people who visit your website take action. Depending on your goals, you may want online users to sign up for newsletters, take advantage of teleconsultations, or provide feedback on your legal services.

You may have received a high volume of online traffic, but still failed to achieve any of the mentioned goals. Therefore, your website might not have Call to action (CTA). This is another mistake to avoid when creating a website. Missing CTA buttons will cause users to mindlessly navigate your website because they don’t receive instructions on how and where to proceed.

6. Use of irrelevant images

Using images on your website is a great way to break up chunks of text and further explain complex topics. Images can also add more personality to your website, making your platform unique from other competitors.

Images can do wonders for your law firm’s website, especially if they are of high quality. Never embed irrelevant images into your website as this will only confuse and frustrate users about the message you are trying to convey. Doing so could cause them to abruptly leave your website.

More importantly, unnecessary and inappropriate images will prevent your law firm’s website from looking professional. This could cause users to question your reliability and credibility. Plus, it can put your business in a bad light and damage its reputation.

knowledge is power

Just because your law firm has a website doesn’t mean you can immediately get more clients. Thousands of law firms around the world invest in creating highly attractive and functional websites, so be sure to do the same with yours.

When you know what mistakes to avoid when designing a website, you’ll know how to update yours. You can finally create a website for your law firm that will definitely attract more clients.

Daniel L. Vasquez