5 Trending Tips and Tricks for Web Design

Website design practices are a process that can take a lifetime to master. To add to that, it continues to evolve every second as technology advances.

Even if you want to hire a professional to design your page, you still need background information and knowledge about web design trends to explain your needs to them. To have a successful website, you need to ensure that it delivers high-performing content and offers an exceptional user experience (UX).

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 useful and trendy website design tips for small businesses.

Top 5 Website Design Tips and Tricks


Below are the top 5 website design tips for small businesses:

1. Go for Minimalist Website Designs

In the modern world, less is more and by that we mean minimalism. Minimalist website designs are not just about cutting down on design, but they show your approach to creativity. Minimalist website designs help you create a seamless user experience without using distracting elements. It is convenient for users and is one of the web design trends that many people choose to follow. It gives your website a modern and sleek look.

For a minimalist website design, you need to choose your website content wisely. Overloading pages with images and videos is not suggested at all. Here are some benefits of a minimalist website design:

  • The loading time is much lower than complex websites with lots of images, videos and animations.
  • They look more professional, attractive, believable and modern at the same time.
  • No one can deny the ease of navigation and use, which is important for users
  • They allow users to focus on the content

2. Choose the appropriate typography

No one will stay on your webpage if the content is hard to read. One of the most common and obvious mistakes people make is picking the wrong font color, but it’s not the only one. When working on typography, we suggest keeping the following website design tips in mind:

  • Go for a font that reflects the idea of ​​your website. For example, it won’t be a good idea to use a funny font if you have a serious site dedicated to medical research.
  • If you select a unique font, it will help your users easily identify you among your competitors. Many people even design custom typography exclusively for their brand or website.
  • Choosing the right font size is important to make it easily readable for users. You should use different sizes for headings, subheadings, and body. This improves the structure of the text and makes it organized and readable.
  • You must maintain adequate line spacing. Leaving too much space between lines is not advisable, but keeping them too close together is not good either.
  • Don’t use too many colors. It is better to focus only on 2-3 colors; otherwise, it will ruin your website theme and make it look like an irritating rainbow.

3. Use Video Background for Website Header

A study shows that people who use videos grow their income 49% faster than those who don’t use video content. This is obvious because videos are among the types of content most consumed by Internet users. We don’t suggest using videos all over your website, but you can use a video for your website’s background header. This is a popular trend in web design these days as it keeps the visitor on the page longer.

If you also want to follow modern web design practices, you can use a full screen video background. Make sure it doesn’t distract your users from the content. If so, however attractive the video may be, it can ruin the impression of your website.

4. Use ghost buttons

Ghost buttons are all the rage today. Many websites use them. These have a colored border with no color fill. These buttons are part of the modern web design trend. Minimalist website designs often feature these types of buttons.

You have to be very careful with the buttons on your website. If they are hard to spot, users will leave. Below are some tips for using ghost buttons correctly:

  • Be sure to place the buttons right next to something visible. This is where users most expect them to be. For example, it’s best to place a ghost button next to a CTA.
  • Select the background wisely. If the button is placed directly above a bright image or background, it will be difficult for users to find it.
  • Be sure to use the correct colors for the button border and text. It must be noticeable and legible.
  • Be sure to test your ghost buttons. Check if they work properly and are easy to locate on desktop as well as mobile devices.

5. Use custom artwork

It is one of the most requested web design trends. Custom illustrations are considered an amazing way to tell your story, express your style, and quickly engage visitors. Custom illustrations can easily reflect your brand personality and help them better understand your products or services.

Here are some benefits of using custom artwork in your website design:

  • Custom icons and artwork help you stand out from your competition. They also maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • Most people perceive images faster than words. Custom illustrations create visual triggers that convey the needed message in less time.
  • Custom illustrations portray originality and give an artistic element to your website.


With website design lies the credibility of your business. So, it is important to follow the trend in website design to leave a good impression on your visitors. While following modern web design practices, we advise you to keep your website design choices user-friendly. We are sure that the website design tips mentioned above will help you create a user-friendly and modern website.

Daniel L. Vasquez