Insuring your home loan in case of aggravated risk

Loan insurance delegation is essential for so-called “risky” profiles

It is called “aggravated risk” when the risk of the insured event (disability or death) occurring for a given person is statistically higher than that of a reference population.


Most group contracts do not allow borrowers with a profile of “aggravated risk” to join because they often make very large exclusions or surcharges. In this case, individual insurance companies can guarantee these borrowers and the delegation of insurance thanks to the Lagarde law is the appropriate solution to easily find the contract that will best meet their needs according to the risks involved.

Medical risk

medical loan

This is one of the most important risks listed by insurers.

In France, people likely to present a significant health problem are estimated at 10 million (chronic diseases, medical history, risk factor, etc.).

The borrowers concerned by this qualification of “aggravated risk” are the persons often presenting long-term affections (ALD) thus sick or in remission.

This part of the French population was victim of the exclusion of the credit until the establishment of an agreement between the bankers and the insurers. The latter was obtained to mitigate this segregation effect, caused by the risky health of borrowers. This is the AERAS convention (Insurance and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk).

If we consider only health risk, we note that in 2015, out of the 3.9 million applications for borrower insurance received for real estate and business loans, nearly 15% of applications presented an aggravated health risk. Of these 15%, 97% obtained a proposal for insurance covering at least the risk of death.

Loan Insurance


For those persons whose state of health or disability does not allow them to obtain insurance coverage under standard conditions, the AERAS (Insuring and Borrowing with an Enhanced Risk of Health) Convention is triggered, putting an end to discrimination against them by facilitating their access to credit. It allows them to borrow up to 320,000 € for a mortgage and professional loan (and if the age at the end of the loan does not exceed 70 years) and up to 17,000 € for a consumer credit (for anyone under 50 and for a loan application of less than 4 years).

Thus this convention guarantees solutions to allow the greatest number of people to be able to borrow. You are directly concerned by the AERAS agreement if you have or have had a serious health problem.

Some insurance companies therefore propose to these people to insure in DC / PTIA, ITT / ITP, IPT / IPP in the same way as a “standard” borrower presenting no particular risk, for a higher price (surcharge) or for exclusions (because the insurer exposes itself to a greater risk of loss in these cases and thus passes it on to the borrower) but thus allowing them to access the credit.

It is the set of elements of answer to the medical questionnaires (and other complementary examinations that they will ask you) which will allow the insurers to determine the risk incurred and to formalize a proposal. It is therefore fundamental to supplement the medical questionnaires with the greatest transparency because any omission or lie could result in the nullity of the contract.

The AERAS Convention is a three-tier device that allows for a comprehensive review of the health status of each applicant, to accurately assess the risk. This device also allows you to obtain complete information if the cost of the insurance proposed to you seems high, or even if your application for insurance is refused. You will also know at what level this refusal has occurred. If your file is refused at the 3rd level, then this will unfortunately often mean that you can not get any insurance solution on the market.

If, despite all your efforts, you can not find a company that agrees to insure you because of your increased health risk, turn to alternative insurance coverages. Talk to your banker, it may be possible to consider other protection such as family surety, mortgages, etc.

Aggravated health risk, call a broker!

health risk

We advise you to call a broker if you present an aggravated health risk because it will be able to interview several companies simultaneously to obtain the most suitable contract for your problem. So we will ensure that your medical insurance profile is properly established and that you get a fair pricing. Whenever possible, we will direct you directly to insurers who will apply less restrictive conditions than others and we will save you precious time, which is essential to the finalization of your real estate financing.

A little longer procedure

The steps to insure are longer than for a standard borrower file as the insurance company’s medical advisers will require a number of additional medical examinations and reports that will allow them to accurately assess the risk before you make a loan insurance proposal.

It is therefore important to file your borrower insurance file very quickly when there is an aggravated risk so that the membership certificate can be issued on time.

However, by going through us, we will follow very closely each step of instruction of your file to accelerate the things to the maximum and thus allow you to obtain your certificate of adhesion as soon as possible.

Other aggravated risks

The insurance companies also speak of aggravated risk for people practicing risky occupations (firefighters, soldiers, policemen, conveyors, safety officer …), high-level athletes, amateurs or professionals, or people staying in dangerous occupations. so-called “at risk” countries. Here too, the investigation of the file may be a little longer because detailed questionnaires relating to the profession and sports practiced will be requested by insurers so that they can make a proposal.

The risk associated with the profession

Some trades are considered more dangerous than others, and the number of deaths or disabilities found in a particular industry may result in a premium surcharge on the insurance contribution. These risks are determined by accident statistics. In France, there are 240,000 firefighters, 350,000 military personnel, 145,000 police officers and 100,000 security guards and agents who are likely to want to take out a mortgage and therefore need loan insurance.

The risk of sports

The risk of sports

The practice of a particular sport induces a risk of death or additional disability. According to the statistics recorded and communicated by the sports federations, a surcharge can be applied compared to the standard fare. There are 7,000 top athletes in France and close to 10,000 professional athletes who will be able to access loan insurance from our insurance partners in conditions close to standard conditions.

The risk of stay

Stays in certain geographical areas may also result in the application of a surcharge. This includes short-term stays, expatriations or even trips to countries where the political, social or economic environment can lead to increased mortality. The crime rate or even the quality of access to medical care also define the stay risk.

The help of an insurance broker will also be very useful because it will direct you to the companies that cover your business risk, sports or stay at lower cost. So do not hesitate to contact us. We work with many insurance partners, we will help you to find the best level of guarantees according to your profile and will guide you so that all the medical procedures are carried out as quickly as possible and without advance of expenses on your part.