Golden and Platinum credit card

Important to Golden and Platinum Credit Card


  • Balance status with costs
    If the Golden or Platinum credit card is not just a status symbol, but also offers useful services, you should weigh the price. Because often costs are incurred for the services, which should count on you.
  • Cheap alternative: motivational cards
    Some providers offer only black-colored credit cards – without the exclusive benefits of a real black credit card. After all: Optically, the Motivkarten can keep up.
  • Take into account fees
    As with any credit card, you should also pay attention to the fees for the special cards: In addition to annual and cash fees are often charged for foreign currency.

Whereas in the past there was only one credit card variant, a large number of special cards or VIP cards are now available on the market. VIP – that stands for “very important person”. And this is also the key to one of the most important purposes of a special card: That the owner reveals himself by presenting a VIP card as a “very important person”.

It therefore comes as no surprise that these cards are reserved for special customers who usually have a high income. It all started with the golden credit card, followed by the platinum credit card, then the black and finally the diamond credit card.


Golden Credit Card: Deluxe card for everyone

 Golden Credit Card: Deluxe card for everyone

The standard credit cards of the major providers Mastercard, Visa and American Express are today usually referred to as Classic Cards. These offer the usual possibilities that one knows of credit cards: worldwide cashless payment, withdrawal of cash at the counter or at the ATM. To refine the offer, the Gold Cards were first developed – golden credit cards in a special design, with which the customer receives additional benefits.

In the meantime, golden credit cards are in principle available to normal consumers from a certain income level without any problems – these credit cards are no longer reserved for an exclusive clientele. In addition to being a status symbol, Golden Credit Cards also carry a number of additional benefits that vary from provider to provider. Examples include extended insurance coverage or participation in loyalty programs of companies that work with the credit card company or a bank.

The exclusive services in connection with a golden credit card have of course their price. Often you have to pay an annual fee for these Exclusive Cards.

Platinum Credit Card: A level above gold

 Platinum Credit Card: A level above gold

The golden credit cards were followed by the Platinum Cards as a special type of credit card with many additional benefits. In addition to insurance, various benefits are also offered here, such as access to exclusive events.

Three exhibitors advertise special cards that adorn themselves with the color of this precious metal: American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Customers with a Platinum Card receive comprehensive insurance benefits, and you benefit from an increased cash limit and a large amount of credit. Many perks and special offers are included, for example at hotels or rental cars. However, platinum credit cards are often tied to a certain minimum income (for example, 60,000 euros per year at American Express).

Are Gold or Platinum Cards Worthwhile?


Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​acquiring a gold or platinum card, should think twice whether he needs the additional services offered with these maps at all or whether it makes no sense to take individual selected insurance separately. As a rule, special cards contain a whole insurance package, of which not all components make sense for every customer.


The Black Credit Card: The often copied original

 The Black Credit Card: The often copied original

As gold credit cards and platinum credit cards were also becoming more and more popular, a gap in the market was created, which was first hit by American Express: black credit cards are only offered to wealthy customers and are not available on request, but only by invitation. Diamond cards, on the other hand, are a variety of black credit cards that are reserved exclusively for extremely wealthy customers and have not yet been offered in Germany.

The black credit card, also called Centurion Card or Titanium Card, has virtually no credit limit. This card costs 2,000 euros per year, plus an admission fee of 4,000 euros.

It is estimated that there are only two thousand persons in Germany who may call themselves proud owners of this card. It is only available by invitation from American Express. The invitation is usually addressed to existing customers. In most cases, these are platinum card holders with an annual turnover well over 100,000 euros.

The service associated with the black credit card is unique. Globally available services such as access to Priority Airport lounges, booking first-row concert venues, or attending festivities from top clubs are all easy with American Express’s Centurion Card. Because each Centurion Card holder has a personal concierge service, which takes care of the fulfillment of all wishes.

requirements Long-term sales in the six-figure range
Invitation only, application not possible
fees Admission fee: 4,000 euros
Annual fee: 2,000 euros
services Special support by exclusive service teams (personal concierge service)
Travel, rental car, accident and luggage insurance
Preferred treatment in exclusive hotels
Access to world-class lounges at airports worldwide
Other special features Card is made of titanium

The black credit cards of MasterCard and Visa

The company MasterCard has also released a black premium card called World Elite. This is also reserved for special customers.

Visa also issues a premium black card, all in black: The Visa Infinite Card is available exclusively through UniCredit Bank and will also be issued only upon individual invitation. If you do not want to wait for this invitation, you can contact your local bank to arrange a personal meeting. Often an invitation is then issued.

If only the color counts

 If only the color counts

If you only want to look good, you have a large selection of black credit cards, but the design is closer to the original American Express – the material is of course still plastic.

Even many prepaid credit cards come in black design, to give an exclusive impression. Some of these are even available with a negative Schufa entry – because as prepaid cards they only require a top-up and no credit line.

Some examples (as of June 2015):

map system Type annual fee borrowing rate particularities
Consors Bank Visa Card Visa debit 0,00 Euro 8.03% With checking account, free of charge abroad, bonus systems and discounts
Germany Credit Card Visa Charge credit 0,00 Euro 16.9% Bonus systems and discounts, travel service
Suprema card MasterCard Prepaid 79,00 Euro 0% Free abroad
Black credit card MasterCard Charge credit 0,00 Euro 16.51% Bonus systems and discounts

The ultimate: diamond credit cards

 The ultimate: diamond credit cards

Anyone who believes that the black card has reached the end of the flagpole was wrong. For the Visa Infinite credit card of the Kazakh Eurasian Bank even the most expensive of all gems had to serve: A diamond adorns the DiamondCard, which is also provided with a stylized heart of gold.

The DiamondCard is a special form of the Visa Infinite Card with additional exclusive benefits. Only those who have an annual income of at least 300,000 euros have the chance to receive an invitation for this card.

Also based in Kazakhstan, Sberbank puts the (provisional?) End to the list of super-rich credit cards: its version of the Visa Infinite Card is really 100 percent pure gold – and is set with 26 diamonds (0.17 carats). If you want to have this card, you must be one of the richest 100 customers of Sberbank. There is a copy of the gold card in plastic – if the good piece is lost.

You should pay attention to these fees!


If you are looking for a suitable special card, you should first check which additional services are suitable for you. When comparing the price of different types of credit cards many aspects play a role. The cost of special cards is usually composed of these fees:

  • annual fee
  • Cash fee for ATMs
  • Fees for foreign currencies
  • Debit interest if the account is not sufficiently covered
  • Replacement Card Fee
  • Second-ticket fee , for example for the spouse